Thursday, January 28, 2010

sharing the love...

Hello blog! Welcome to 2010. I'm sorry I've been neglectful of late, but there's this little thing called Facebook that has stolen my attention. I hope to rectify my negligence soon, and will start by posting pictures (that's all anyone really wants, anyway, right??).

These are the result of a spontaneous photo shoot last week. It was the perfect end to a PERFECT day full of sweet treats (Krispy Kreme!) and sweet finds (vintage teal suitcases!). The photos were inspired by this sweet (and amazingly talented) photography friend and hopefully brought a sweet smile to my wonderful grandma who has been in the hospital (but gets to go home tomorrow!). What better way to get in the Valentines mood than with a day full of sweetness? I hope your day includes lots of sweet things, too :0)

(Sorry if this is redundant, all you facebook peeps!)

Are we done yet???