Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation 1, Part 2

Practicing their winks while waiting at In-N-Out
We had the best time at Carol and DB's house! Lots of hanging out, playing in their gorgeous backyard patio (squirt guns, barbies in the fountain), watching fireworks from the boat, trips with Grandma and Grandpa to Fairyland (you can see those fun photos here), hikes with Laurel, and a couple of dinner dates. It was such a relaxing few days before we packed up the cars again and drove to the cabin.

Fireworks from the boat. What a fun night!

We visited the mosaic studio and Maryn made her own piece of art. She had tons of fun and was so proud of her finished work.
One of the murals in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation 1, part 1

We have a pretty exciting summer lined up, and have recently returned from our first second big adventure. I'm a little behind in blogging but I'm going to *try* to get caught up before birthday week arrives (next week! I can't believe it!)

Our first trip - road trip to the Bay Area then a side trip to Yosemite - was precipitated by an invite to my college roomie's Chico wedding reception. After a long day of driving we arrived in Chico and after an hour or two recovering in our hotel room we piled back into the car for the gorgeous wedding. We were able to catch up with some dear college friends before the kids made it clear they were ready to get some sleep :) Andrea, we were so grateful to see you and your handsome and sweet new husband in person, and we look forward to some Paris-Portland Skype chats in the future.



The next morning we met up with the same group of friends for breakfast, then frolicked in a Chico fountain before piling in the car towards our next destination - Grandma's house!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Father's Day

This is obviously a little late, but I can't let the summer pass on this blog without paying tribute to some fabulous fathers.

Smiling with Daddy before Father's Day dinner.
First up on the fabulous Father list is DB. Chris' dad is one of the most gentle, humble and kind men I have ever met. He is an avid outdoors-man, river rafter extraordinaire and a man with a very strong work ethic who has instilled the same quality in his kids. Maryn and Lucy love getting hugs from Grandpa and look forward to Bay Area visits for a chance to visit the boat and check the bait traps. DB, thanks for all the ways you've taken care of us, from fixing our plumbing during your Christmas visit, to taking care of the broken key crisis. We are so thankful for you, and proud to call you Dad!

Next up is my dad, Doug. I have so many great memories of playing catch with my dad in the front yard, or just sitting outside after dinner looking up at the stars. My dad is an extremely hard worker who doesn't do anything half way. He taught my brother and me that it is important to always try our best, that love is not just a word or a feeling but an action, and the importance of following through on our commitments. Maryn and Lucy love going to Grandpa's house to have a popsicle in the heat of summer and make a game of trying to beat him to his special rocking chair :) He has helped me with so many projects, like making and installing the huge chalkboard in our house to painting all of the boards for the desk in our closet. Dad, thanks for being available for me whenever I've needed you, and for putting into practice what you preach. We love you!

Chris and my Dad played golf together with a friend and his dad for Father's Day.  This is before they came home sore and tired :)
And to my sweet wonderful husband, who is the best dad those two crazy girls of ours could ask for. You are the ever-patient one; you enforce rules when you need to, but always with love and grace. The kids look up to you so much. They love it when you play soccer with them in the backyard and always look forward to your homemade pizzas and perfect pesto pasta. They jump to their feet when you get home with shouts of "Daddy's home" that make my heart melt. I love you more each day and never cease to be grateful for all you do for us. We love you!