Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Our little bunnies wish you a happy and joyous Easter:

May your day be filled with the hope of the risen Lord!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the crazies

I've been going through all our photos from the last few months, preparing to play blog catch-up. But this one - this one I have to post immediately. Oh my, those kids of mine are as different as night and day and so precious in their own uniqueness. This is what happened when I told the kids I wanted to take a picture. Maryn went in for the hug and Lucy put on her usual "funny face" complete with random hand positions.

I am so thankful to be "mom" to these two crazy kids!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winter Walk

This has been one of the longest winters. Ever. So much rain, too many gray-sky days and swarms of oppressive clouds coming too close for comfort. But every once in a while the sun breaks through, claiming victory over the clouds and providing a crisp, clear backdrop for a walk around the duck pond. How we all treasure those days of sun, so much more precious in the midst of a dreary, cold winter. Here's to hoping that posting these photos will remind the sun that it is in fact Spring and time for her to quit playing hide and seek - she's got work to do!

This photo cracks me up - Maryn is letting me know with her worried finger-pointing that Lucy is "too close" to the water. I don't know if it's a first child thing, or just my kiddo's personality, but she really watches out for her sister! Oh, and Lucy was in no danger of falling in the pond :)

This is looking out over the little airport across from the pond and library. I can't wait to take more walks here when the sun returns!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A day of happy hearts...

Oh, it was a happy day indeed. Our first happy heart day came a year after Lucy's surgery and was my way of letting go of the fear and the guilt I had carried to that point, replacing it instead with gratitude and hope. Gratitude for the ways God carried us through a difficult time, and hope for the future - both Lucy's and our family's. Each year at the end of January, on the anniversary of that day, I take a deep breath, say a prayer of thanks, and spend time remembering the amazing ways we were cared for during our hardest moments. I remember so many gestures that, while simple, gave us back our breath and helped us move forward instead of staying stuck in fear. I never want to forget those things, the lessons I learned and the empathy and compassion I hope I will carry forward as a result. Though we may not make a big deal of celebrating the day each year, I will always be brought back to that place - the memories are years old now but still carry the immediacy and rawness I felt living through those days.

The kids, however (sharing none of my sappy sentimentality), saw this anniversary as the perfect chance to relive a highlight of our time at the hospital - riding the tram and eating at the Spaghetti Factory :) So that is just what we did. Oh, we also pranced around Grandma's backyard with a dozen heart balloons. Thanks to my mom and dad, and dear friends Jess and Matt for joining in celebrating the day with us and for being a tangible reminder of God's provision in our lives. You make our hearts happy and full!