Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Here's a smattering of 10 random things I've been pondering but not yet posted. I got this idea from my friend Katherine and will try to make this a weekly list - maybe that will help me post more often!

1. I know it's technically Wednesday (umm, Thursday now) but I thought about posting yesterday, so it still counts as "10 on Tuesday," right?

2. We had the most amazing sunny, warm (for February) weather the last few days. Here's a bit of spring from our yard to brighten up what has turned into a cloudy, gray and misty day.
3. My mother in law's friend made this sweater for Lucy when she was a baby and it still fits! I love Lu's sense of style and have fun seeing what she walks out of the room wearing in the morning:

4. Lately I've been obsessed with all things Jane Austen, mostly due to this PBS miniseries which has aired over the last three weeks. I loved this most recent adaptation of Emma, but I also watched the 1996 version (with Gwenyth Paltrow) and Clueless last week for comparison's sake. Which brings me to

5. Netflix. We recently joined and oh boy am I in trouble. You can watch movies streaming from the computer ANY TIME and AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT. You probably already know this because you've had Netflix forever (why am I always so behind on the cool stuff?) It all started when I had the brilliant idea to cancel my more expensive gym membership and rent fitness DVD's to work out at home, but I think the plan is backfiring as I spent every night of the last week firmly planted on the couch absorbed in one 90's chick flick after the next. I hope (for my husband's sake) the novelty wears off soon.

6. These songs make me happy

7. We got a swing from Ikea as a Christmas gift (thank you Carissa!) and I was hesitant to hang it as our house is small and I didn't want big silver hook-things stuck in the living room ceiling. The other day inspiration struck and I hung it in the kitchen from the hooks that are still there from the previous owner's pot rack. Now we have the perfect activity for those rainy afternoons when we're all going stir crazy.

8. If you knit you should really join Ravelry, a website that has hundreds of free patterns and an archive of basically any and every knitting pattern and yarn known to man. They are also doing something called the Ravelympics where you start knitting something during the opening ceremonies of the olympics and finish by the time the games end two weeks later. I'm actually excited about the olympics this year! Hopefully I'll have a sweater to show you in two weeks time. And yes, I know I'm a knitting nerd :)

9. My poor Grandma has been dealing with some health issues lately and had to have emergency surgery a couple of weeks ago. She has been on my mind a lot and could sure use your prayers if you think of it. Love you, Grandma!

10. Carol brought up some delicious and beautiful lemons from her garden when she visited us at Christmas time. We're down to the last few and rationing them for special things. One was this yummy and buttery cake.
The next will be these scones. Do you know if they still sell fresh cranberries after Thanksgiving?

It was surprisingly difficult to come up with 10 things. I hope I can think of 10 more for next week! Let me know if I'm boring you and I'll try something else next time :)