Thursday, February 14, 2013

Matters of the Heart

We celebrated Lucy's 5th Happy Heart Day this year on January 29th. It has been five whole years since her broken little heart was sewn back together, and we are still so grateful! The last time I wrote about happy heart day was in 2011 and I found myself wondering if it was something we would continue to celebrate. Well, I'm here to report that while the affair is not quite so grand, we do indeed still commemorate the day. Now that Lucy is old enough to ask questions about her scar and remember her experiences of yearly cardiology checkups, this day is a way for us to make it something special instead of scary or sad. Among her friends her scar is unique, but it makes her a survivor and is something to be proud of and celebrate. We've decided to make a little tradition of celebrating with heart shaped cookies or cupcakes, a heart pizza, and other heart shaped foods (this year it was watermelon cut out with heart cookie cutters). Yay for Happy Heart Day!

 These next photos are from last years celebration...I just love traditions :)

Also from last year: we celebrated a wonderful cardiology checkup with a day off of school and jump time at Sky High trampolines!

This year both kids participated in Jump Rope for Heart at school and are raising money for the American Heart Association. You can still donate until tomorrow (February 15th) by following either of the links below. Thank you to all the friends and family who have donated so far! And Happy Valentines Day!!!