Thursday, January 8, 2009

A simple Christmas

This year has to go down as one of my favorite Christmases ever. The voluminous amount of snow unwittingly helped me to pare down my "to do before Christmas" list, and while it was not totally void of some last-minute rushing, it was a far more enjoyable and contemplative season with more of a focus on relationship and quality over quantity.

Gifts this year were especially simple. We've never really gone all-out for Christmas as far as gifts go and this year I tried to be especially thoughtful and intentional with the things we gave the kids. I managed to come up with a few things I knew they would enjoy and get use out of in the year to come. I ended up giving each girl versions of the same thing to try to avoid fighting and the "her toy is better than mine" syndrome. It mostly worked.

$5 Curious George dolls from Kohls - with hand knit scarves so the girls can tell them apart.

Brown paper packages tied up with string. (they didn't stay that way for long!)

Markers, colored pencils and personalized sketch books.

This was my 4:00 am last-minute project - personalized minkee pillows (Maryn LOVES her "bumpy" blankies, so why not a bumpy pillow to match?)
Maryn got a construction kit from IKEA

And Lucy got her very own stroller (no more fighting over Maryn's - I hope)

After a leisurely morning opening gifts, Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Doug and Auntie Amanda came over for brunch and stockings. Such a wonderful morning! We missed being with the rest of the family, but it was nice to spend a Christmas at home. And I hope we can continue the tradition of a simple Christmas next year, with our without the snow.


Katers said...

i think a lot like you when it comes to christmas...simple & sweet. i'm impressed by your pillow! sounds like a wonderful time:).

meg said...

pillow is so cute! Love the simple christmas too. This was also my favorite christmas in a long time for the same reason.

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

i love how you make things. and these gifts seem just perfect.