Thursday, August 27, 2009

calling all crafters

We've been up to all kinds of fun things in the last couple of weeks: Vacation Bible School, Lucy's birthday party, general life stuff. But all of that will have to wait because I just HAVE to share this first!

I came across a blog post that mentioned a fabric/sewing supply/yarn drive called Iraqi Bundles of Love. Basically, someone stationed overseas in Iraq saw a need among Iraqi women for sewing supplies, both for their families and for small businesses. Here's the link to his blog and the information on how/what to send. The premise is that quilters, crafters and knitters are bound to have stashes of fabric, yarn and other supplies laying around for those projects we've always planned to get to but that, three years later, are still sitting unused in the bag from Joannes. (Or maybe it's just me :) Anyway, for just over $11 in shipping costs we can put together boxes of our extra fabric and supplies to help an Iraqi woman clothe her family. (You can also get really cheap fabric and yarn from a Goodwill store if you'd like to participate but don't have stuff sitting around like I do). I love that it is such a grassroots thing that has spread far beyond what anyone ever expected - he had to get a warehouse just to store all of the packages he's received so far! The deadline for sending boxes is September 7th - this guarantees they will get there before his company returns home.

Check it out!


Drew & Erica said...

Very cool idea....