Friday, November 5, 2010

baby love

Our dear, dear friends were blessed with a newborn baby boy last week and I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours with them taking pictures of their precious family. Here are a few photos of sweet baby Eli at three days old.




Isn't he such a cutie?? It's so fun getting to play "aunt" to this little guy, and he is definitely already like a cousin to my kiddos. They just love touching his soft skin and rubbing is fuzzy little head. And Jess looks pretty fabulous for having a three day old, especially considering baby E was a nice 9 lbs, 13 oz at birth. You're my hero, Jess!





We have prayed so much for you, little one, and can't wait to see the wonderful things God has in store for you!


Doug and Kathy said...

Wonderful pictures Jessi...
My fav are the family toes!!

Ambre said...

You are an AMAZING photographer!!!! I've thought that for a long time as I've kept up with your blog, but these latest pics are just FANTASTIC!!! Wow!! (I'm friends with your mom & dad (from Torrance), and initially checked in on your blog just to see news about them.....but I keep coming back bc I just love your photography style and your writing! Keep up the wonderful work! Love,Ambre

Jen said...

So So beautiful, you did an amazing job capturing Eli and his family!

Carol said...

What wonderful pictures. You did a great job. These are treasures.