Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A visit from Grandma

It's always super exciting when Grandma comes to visit! It was even more so this time because the kids were out of school for Spring break and got to enjoy filling their days with the kind of play only a Grandma can provide. The other great thing about Grandma visiting is that I can count on her to take lots of great pictures of all the fun and post them on her blog. Just looking through them tires me out - we managed to cram quite a few outings (and some shopping, too) into a one week visit!

 Grandma gives great foot rubs!

 We made rainbow cookies for St. Patrick's day. Don't they look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book??

 Having fun in Tillamook where the stickers kept Maryn "content" while we waited for our food. Gotta love that girl's vocabulary!

 Grandma had fun meeting Eli - and look, they match!

We did a little bit of everything - from pastries and play at the pirate park to cheese sandwiches and ice cream in Tillamook, even a ride on a camel at OMSI. But I think the kids had the most fun the night Chris and I were able to go out and they got Grandma all to themselves :)

The trip went by too quickly and now we get to catch up via Skype chats until we can see both Grandma and Grandpa in July. We're counting down the days already!


Team Lando said...

Did you or your mom think of rainbow cookies? Because if it's her, I see where you get this super-creative streak :) Your girls are so beautiful, I love looking at their pics!

Erin Farrell Speer said...

Love the rainbow cookies, and am not surprised at all about Maryn's vocabulary. Just like her mom, though I didn't meet you until you were a few years older than Maryn is, but even at that age your vocabulary was impressive! So glad you had a great visit with Grandma. Your girls are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents on both sides! Sending you hugs from Wyoming!

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh! I have to know how you made those rainbow cookies. Did you roll out the separate colors on top of each other and cut?
Looks like you had a fantastic visit from grandma!