Saturday, June 18, 2011

a day at the beach

One of the unintentional perks of moving here five years ago is our proximity to Chris' family on the coast in Lincoln City. We had Maryn's first birthday party at Aunt Mary's house and we've spent many fun summer afternoons picking blackberries from the bushes that line their driveway. For one reason or another, it had been way too long between visits. And what better excuse to take us back to the coast than a graduation party?

Chris' (second) cousin Tom graduated from high school last weekend. A huge congratulations to him for all he has accomplished thus far, and for the many adventures to come! And also to his parents for raising such a kind, thoughtful, talented son!

While we visited with family at the graduation party, someone mentioned that a birthday party for another cousin was taking place right after at the beach across the street. So off we went to celebrate little G's first birthday where the kids had fun flying kites, playing ball and spending time together. Thanks to Tracy and family for being so welcoming to us at the last minute. We were so grateful for the chance to visit with everyone!
 Great grandpa Jim, S and birthday boy G.

 Aunt Mary and Lucy

 Uncle Steve should have a business entertaining as Donald Duck at kid's parties.

You can probably tell in the photos that what began as a slightly overcast day soon became sunny and simply gorgeous. While we were at the party, someone else made mention of Chris' cousin Craig who operates a charter boat for fishing and whale watching excursions. He had just returned from his last trip of the day and graciously agreed to take us out on his boat for a bit. We even saw a whale not too far from shore and Maryn wins the quote of the day award with her excited exclamation upon seeing her "first ocean creature!"

 Lucy and Steve clowning around on the boat

After all that fun it was time to head home, but not without a quick stop for ice cream bars and some time playing in the sand and waves. It was a perfect day at the coast!


Anonymous said...

Great pics and family day!!!

Carol said...

I love the picture and the wonderful family time. It's nice to see you guys make it to coast on such a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing Jess.

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said...

You always take such great pictures!