Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer randomness

Making a dent in our list of summer fun (notice how the mundane things are left undone...better get to work!)

- Chris and I are both slightly obsessed with The Head and the Heart. And they're coming back to Portland in October! If anyone wants to go with us, let me know.

- Speaking of music, this video is pretty hilarious. I just love punctuation bands!

- While looking back through photos for an anniversary project (8 years next week!) I came across this one that makes me chuckle because a) I do not nor have I ever played the guitar b) Chris plays guitar but not the drums c) This was taken in our first apartment which was a little sketchy, but I love remembering how I tried to spruce it up with candles and flowers d) I have no idea who took this photo or why we were jamming together on the couch. But I love that I have this photo all the same!

- My pile of books from the library is starting to resemble the leaning tower of Pisa. Must read more! Summer favorites so far are Cutting for Stone and Same Kind of Different as Me. Chris is slogging his way through Infinite Jest. Next up on my list are The Wilder Life, the Paris Wife, Jane Eyre, and Sarah's Key (along with the rest of the pile which, lets face it, will probably return to the library unread).

- I am slowly working my way through this sampler by Alicia Paulson. I love the stillness it brings to busy summer days and the kids are enjoying the process, too.

So that's my list of summer randomness. How's your summer shaping up? I'd love to hear about your adventures and what you've been reading and/or listening to, and whether or not you had a punctuation band in high school. Do share!


Solange, Nik and Caitlin said...

I love your summer bucket list! I totally want to make a picnic quilt, I've got to learn how! I chuckled over the "make it to the beach at least twice" because we did that in one weekend here... lol! We've joined the summer reading program too, Caity is doing well at listening to the stories. :)
I can't believe it's been almost 8 years. WOW! I remember it so well :) It's funny because in cleaning out the garage we found photo boxes and in them were a ton of pictures from your wedding. You guys looked so young! I must send them to you :)
I have been going through a list of greatest books of all time I found online for my 30 before 30. I read Jane Eyre and can definitely recommend it. I am currently on Robinson Crusoe and going to give Wuthering Heights another try.
You have inspired me to make a summer bucket list.

goose and bear said...

I'd love to see your summer list! And that's hilarious about the beach. I do miss having it so close, and the water warm enough to swim in.

And I just came across a ton of photos from your wedding, too! I'll e-mail the good ones to you. What a fun day that was!

My brother, the English teacher, is doing Jane Eyre next year, so I'm going to re-read it with him. Have you seen the new movie adaptation yet? It's wonderful! I'm going to check out the other books on your list. Hugs to you all!

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