Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation 1, Part 2

Practicing their winks while waiting at In-N-Out
We had the best time at Carol and DB's house! Lots of hanging out, playing in their gorgeous backyard patio (squirt guns, barbies in the fountain), watching fireworks from the boat, trips with Grandma and Grandpa to Fairyland (you can see those fun photos here), hikes with Laurel, and a couple of dinner dates. It was such a relaxing few days before we packed up the cars again and drove to the cabin.

Fireworks from the boat. What a fun night!

We visited the mosaic studio and Maryn made her own piece of art. She had tons of fun and was so proud of her finished work.
One of the murals in the Mission District, San Francisco.


Carol said...

Hey, great post. We had such a wonderful time.

Chaucee said...

Those first two pictures are hilarious! :D

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