Friday, August 10, 2012

summer beach weekend

the only time they're all still is when Milo and Otis is on
Lucy and her pal McKenna
Although this old blog has been quite quiet this summer, our lives have been anything but. One of our favorite summer memories so far was spending a weekend at the coast. Our adventure started at home where we got to hang out with our favorite little pal Eli on a Saturday morning.

From there we drove to Lincoln City to spend time with Chris's cousins celebrating Tracy's 30th birthday (Happy Birthday Tracy!). Unfortunately my camera was in the car during this part so you'll have to take my word for it that it was a blast. What a gift to live within a couple hours of the most generous, hospitable and most of all FUN people ever. We really need to get out there more!

Next we headed up 101 to Seaside, with a pit stop in Tillamook for some grilled cheese and ice cream. And this time we remembered the camera!

Maryn took this one.

Lucy gets the credit for this winning shot.

She's getting better!

We finally made it to Seaside that night where our wonderful friends invited us to stay at a charming little beach cottage with them. Early the next morning the kids were awake and ready to go, so we tried to tiptoe out of the house and down to the beach to avoid waking anyone else up.
super adorable house!
Brrr! The sand is cold at 6:30 in the morning
 This is a morning I will remember for a long time - watching my girls play with abandon, kicking up their heels in the water and sending cold spray high in the air, chasing one another through the patterns made by the rising sun on the ever changing shore. They are growing up so very fast. I try to hold these precious moments of fun and freedom as they come and enjoy them to the fullest.

Daddy found us!
Father-son bonding over more Milo and Otis

So precious

After lounging around the house a bit, we went out for breakfast and rode the carousel.

He looked a bit nervous at the beginning, but wanted "more" when it was over
We went back to the beach for a couple more hours of playing in the sand and sea. It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend!
two very tired kiddos on the drive home


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures as always!!!! So fun to see you all enjpying the Summertime.....Love you!!!

Erin Farrell Speer said...

I cannot handle how big your girls are getting. They are so grown up and getting more gorgeous all the time. I actually had a dream about you guys the other night - they were so grown up. I don't remember much more but it was a good dream. Love you, miss you, and think of you often!



Solange, Nik and Caitlin said...

I always love your pictures. They are just so real and beautiful. Your girls are SOOOOO big now! It's so crazy how quickly the time flies by.