Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hospital (and home) pictures, part II

Jan 29th:

Lucy's last pre-surgery photo: with Grandma Kathy during breakfast at Denny's (classy, I know :)

Jan 30th:

Shortly after she came off of the respirator.

Jan 31st:

Maryn's first time visiting Lucy post-surgery.

Feb 5th:

Lucy one week after surgery. She's healing so quickly!

Feb 6th:

Grandma Carol cuddling with Maryn, who is RARELY cuddly. We realized later it was because she has the stomach flu :(


Drew & Erica said...

Jess -

Thanks for posting the pictures. It is nice to see that she is healing so quickly! Hope Maryn feels better soon. Just give her another 'cook' and she'll be a happy camper :)

Katers said...

it was great to see the pics. and i hope you all are adjusting ok. lots of love to you!

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

so sweet to see photos of her. i can't believe the photo where she is lying on the hospital bed. she is so tiny there by herself.