Monday, February 11, 2008

Spunky girl

Lucy is six months old today! And what a difference this month has made. It almost feels like we're getting to know a new baby now that her heart has been repaired. In the two weeks since her surgery she has learned how to roll over from her back to her front and gets a little disgruntled by the fact that she cannot yet flip herself from her front to her back. She still enjoys laying on her play mat and grabbing at the toys dangling above her but she now has the energy to roll from one side to the other, allowing her to explore her toys in a whole new way.

Her cry has also changed. Instead of a sad "I just don't feel right and I don't know why" cry it has become an insistent screech or yelp that seems to say "I know EXACTLY what's wrong and know you can fix it so why aren't you doing it NOW?!" It seems she has gained a little attitude and spunk to go along with her newly repaired heart :)

She is continuing to heal quickly and is not in any pain. Her incision is closing well and has already faded quite a bit. The few stitches remaining from the removal of some of the drainage tubes were removed last week and those sites are also healing nicely. We have an appointment with a cardiologist on Thursday to confirm that all is well with Lucy's heart and she has a well baby appointment tomorrow where she will get a few immunizations. She is also cutting her first teeth. The poor thing can't get a break :( No wonder she has developed an early fear of strangers. She only lasts a few minutes with anyone other than mom or dad and won't let us out of her sight when we put her down to play. We hope this will resolve itself before she goes to school :)

(These wonderful pictures of Lucy were taken by my amazingly talented friend Kim on the day before Lucy's surgery)

Maryn is also doing well. She had a hard time saying goodbye to Grandma Carol last Friday, but she seems to have recovered and is back to a fairly normal routine. She enjoys reading books and playing with her "choo choo." She is also a great helper around the house and is an excellent duster and dishwasher. I'm appreciating her helpful attitude as I know it will not necessarily continue in the years to come!

Maryn on our snow day a couple of weeks ago


Drew & Erica said...

I Love the lucy pics - they are incredible - and I'm very impressed that you've taught Maryn to dust. Would she like to come visit our place sometime soon? ;)

Katers said...

could your kiddos get any cuter?!?!? steven did really well today. thanks for your prayers:)

Carol said...

I am so proud of my spunky granddaughter. Be as spunky as you want because we are so happy with your recovery. Grandma Carol misses you (and Maryn too).

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

i am glad lucy is back to herself - what a relief. praise God for everything. it is so great to get these updates from afar. i wish caleb and lucy were close enough to play with each other. :)

Kathy said...

Such wonderful news that Lucy is well and with an attitude!!!
The pictures are precious
We love you all so much and can't wait until we come up there!!

Anonymous said...