Saturday, June 7, 2008


A bit pensive

I can't get enough of this curl


Bonnie said...

Aw-ness!! Tell her Bonnie thinks she's soooooo beautiful!

Carol said...

I think Chris should post a comment on Maryn's curls. Isn't it amazing what a girl can do with curls. Chris had those same curls when he was Maryn's age. Now he just cuts his hair. We all wonder what would happen if he let them grow out and used product. I don't think Chris wants to hear this suggestion from his mother. But, I do love maryn's hair.

Doug and Kathy said...

Jess - These pictures make me cry!
She is so wonderful and your pictures captured all the wonder!
Thank you
This is why we are moving to Oregon!

.k.h. said...

She is a beauty! I just love your little Maryn! Great job on these, friend!

Drew & Erica said...

Ok, so what's the current thinking - is her hair Red, Auburn or Brown? And to answer Carols question about Chris' hair - it would definitely be a fro if he grew it out.

.AsH. said...

WOW! I love those curls :0) Great shots and she is SO cute!

Katers said...

i can honestly say that i can't get enough of that curl either!!! her eyes aint so bad either, momma!

jaz said...

GREAT shots, J!
Jamie :0)