Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feelin' the HEAT!

This past weekend we had our own mini heat wave here, with highs in the 90's. It's still quite warm out this week, which is nice, but temperatures over 80 turn our second floor apartment into a human-sized oven that not even fans running all day and windows open all night can alleviate. So we ditched the apartment for the pool on Friday and ventured outside on Sunday when the weather cooled down a little. Sunday night we had the COOLEST thunder storm...I just love sitting inside and listening to that thunder roll and boom around me. And that rain felt glorious!

Here are some pictures from our fun in the sun


Lucy making her infamous pouty face

Just hanging out outside:

Cheesy faces

painting with water

Silly bubble blowing face :)


Bonnie said...

awww. Love your pictures! You pictures make me want to live close to you guys... =( Ah day maybe before Lucy graduates from college, we'll see you guys again! =)

Carol said...

What great pictures. The heat made you be creative. But, I'm so sad that it gets so hot. I thought your apartment might be a summer oven. Buy more fans!