Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet baby Israel

During a trip to the coast to visit our Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the newest member of our extended family, little Israel Victor, new son of Tabitha and Ty. Here are some pictures of him at 7 days old:

With his momma, Tabitha. Tab, I loved watching you with baby Is. You are a natural!

He has dimples!

Sweet baby hands

Look at that face! And I can't get enough of his rolls!

With aunt and doula Barb in a handmade blanket from one of Barb's friends.

Proud great grandma Mary. God has blessed you with a WONDERFUL family that just keeps getting better as it grows!

What a joy to meet this little man and spend time with the new family. We know God has good things in store for this one and can't wait to see what life holds for you all. Thanks for letting us visit!


meg said...

great job Jess! I love the one where he is holding her finger. What a cute little one you did a good job! I would love to have you guys over sometime next week if you can. Maybe we can get some pics of the kids while they play.

mclegg17 said...

Jess, these are great! I am sure that they appreciated you taking these pictures that they will have and tresure forever! Great Job!


Carol said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of Israel. What great pictures. If you didn't take them, I wouldn't have seen him for a while. I'm dying to hear more about your trip to the coast.

.AsH. said...

WOW! I absolutely LOVE the one of him holding her hand, GREAT job!

Katers said...

so so so so cute! thanks for sharing.

AK said...

Jess, these are amazing!