Friday, October 31, 2008

A royal Halloween

Happy Halloween!


Doug and Kathy said...

What an honor to visit with the Royal Princesses on Holloween!
Lucy was very regal! And Maryn was quite graceful-willing to share her candy! I hope they did not stay up too late with sugar highs!
On to the farm tomarrow!
Mom aka Grandma!

Carol said...

I love the princesses. The outdoor setting is wonderful. Grandma needs some of these pictures. Nice job girls (and Jess too).

mclegg17 said...

Jess, Did you make their costumes??? They are so cute!!!

meg said...

Cute picture Jess. Did you take that on you visit to Ammy? It looks like this spot I walked by and thought I should put mt kids there for a photo? Your girls are so sweet!

.k.h. said...

HILARIOUS! My fav part of the picture is the way Lucy is holding her hands. Very princess-like! So cute, Jess! They are getting SO big!!!

Drew & Erica said...

It looks like Maryn is getting over her dislike of smiling for the camera. Very adorable :)