Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wallowa Lake

It has taken me so long to write this post because I have no idea how to begin to capture our time at Wallowa Lake in one little blog post. We were invited to join some friends of ours who have been camping here with their family for 30 + years. I definitely understand why they keep coming back. Thank you to the Wallowa crew for your patience with our neophyte camping skills and endless questions. Thanks for making us feel so welcome and comfortable and for sharing your stories and camping gear with us. We're so grateful!

Unfortunately Chris had to work and couldn't come with us, but my wonderful Mom signed on for the adventure. Thanks so much, Mom, for making this vacation possible. We couldn't have done it without you! Unlike Chris' family, mine did not grow up camping. The closest we came was staying in a motel near Sequoia while the rest of my aunts and uncles "roughed it" in tents. We were a little nervous starting out, not knowing exactly what to pack or if we could assemble our tents. But with some help from our friends we were good to go, and now I think we've caught the camping bug. We're so looking forward to going again next year (the kids ask every day when we are going camping again!), and maybe we'll finally master lighting a campfire :)

For a more detailed recap of some of our adventures and outings, (including the very first encounter with the ubiquitous deer) check out my friend Michelle's blog. Thank you, Michelle, for inviting us to come with you and for showing such grace to us as we peppered you with questions and requests for help. You and Brian win the award for being cool under pressure and for teaching me how to find perspective and maintain faith despite crazy circumstances. We're so grateful and blessed to have friends like you!

Now, finally, here are the pictures!

Nothing better than breakfast outside!
For my kids, the deer were the most memorable part of the trip. They came home with a little deer family they play with every day. For the adults they were just a nuisance!

Lucy took these two pictures with my camera:
Sorry, Brian :)The kids played for hours on the grass beside the lake:

Maryn and Lucy made some great new friends on this trip! Here is Maryn with her friend E - they are working hard to build some kind of stick and pine cone stockpile.
Love these ones - you make me smile!:

As we took this next photo we knew the kids would look like we photoshopped them into the picture - the scenery here is just unreal!:

Quiet time at the campsite:
The kids had so much fun playing at doing art projects:
Michelle thoughtfully brought some cool solar paper the kids used to make designs with found nature objects. Super fun!

Joseph is the little town right outside Wallowa Lake. It is the epitome of a cute artsy community. We were there during Chief Joseph Days where the whole town gears up for the rodeo. The kids saw a "stampede" and enjoyed checking out the town:
This one is for DB and Laurel - maybe Maryn will follow in your rowing/rafting footseps!

This was right before the stampede - We were all tired and hot and cranky and the door totally captures Maryn's mood :)

Campfire cuddling:


Doug and Kathy said...

One of the best memories of my life...being a grandma is the Greatest ever!!!!
Love these pictures...really captured the week...wonderful job Jess <3

Erin Farrell said...

So glad you had the chance to take the girls camping! Those are some of my favorite memories from my childhood - all the years of camping with the Deans. :) What a beautiful place, and what beautiful photos of the girls with their new friends, Grandma Kathy and You!

I especially loved the photo of the girls in front of the fire door mid-fit! I always seem to love the tantrum photos!


Lisa said...

SOOOO CUUUUTE Jess! Proud of you for camping! :)

Carol said...

What wonderful camping pictures. It looks like everyone had a great time. You look like pros. I think this is just the start of your camping days.