Monday, September 20, 2010

Better Together

I've been LOVING the adorable videos that Rubyellen of Cakies has been posting of her sweet family and decided it was high time we did something with our videos, too! We recently bought a little Flip camera off craigslist and the kids have been playing with it non-stop. I love that we have their little voices and mannerisms captured for posterity (and for future embarrassment when they hit high school).

Here's a recap of our month so far - it's been a fun one!

September from jessica ballanti on Vimeo.

What has been your favorite part of September so far?


Carol said...

I love these videos. They are so much fun. MORE...MORE...MORE!

meg said...

So much fun to watch!

Rubyellen said...

totally love it!!! thank you for sharing! i am so glad you were inspired to do these. i think pictures and video are so important!!! xoxo

Doug and Kathy said...

Always better when you're together!
How cute you made Prime Time!
More Video!!!!!!