Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent days 1 & 2

Here's a picture of our Advent calendar:

They're the same paper cups from last year, but hung on a ribbon with mini clothespins instead of hanging from a tree branch (which kept falling over, or dropping the cups on the floor). The ribbon is over the chalkboard so I have to lift the kids up to pull out the paper with the day's activity. Having it placed out of reach also keeps them from taking out all the papers and shuffling them up!
Day 1 - Paper countdown chain
We used the same pack of Christmas scrapbook paper (bought at Target last year) to make our paper chain. Does anyone have a good idea of something to do with the paper strips once they've been pulled off the chain? So far the girls are using them as bracelets.

Day 2 - hot chocolate
In adorable little santa mugs - $.50 each from the Goodwill. We'll get lots of use out of these tiny mugs this month!


Erin Farrell said...

You and your girls are too cute! I love the advent calendar and the chain!

Steph delivered your wedding gift to us on Thursday! A REAL thank you note will be on its way eventually, but just know that I LOVE it, am so touched that you made this for us by hand, and Kelli said that she'd pay you to make one of those for her - she's "OBSESSED with it" (and that was a direct quote!).

Love you, friend!

Carol said...

You are such a creative lady. I love the count down chains.

Jen said...

What about using the "used" strips to make bookmarks or gift tags? Love all your creativity!