Sunday, December 12, 2010

snow day

I have some more advent activities to share, but my mind is a bit sluggish tonight so I'll have to work on that post tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the "snow" day we had back in November.

They canceled school due to fears of icy roads - the snow was only a few inches deep, but the temperature was below freezing for a while. Poor Chris had to walk all the way to work because the bus never came. It will become his "when I was your age, I walked four miles in the snow!" story he can tell the kids when we're old and cantankerous and lamenting the end of the good old days.

The kids had fun using baby spoons to scrape the snow off the car, then had a snow tea party on the back deck while I stayed warm and toasty with my cup of coffee and watched them from the back door. It was a perfect day, and a much appreciated break!


meg said...

not sure if I told you lately but I just love you and your family! The pictures of the girls are adorable as always.

Kim H said...

DID YOU MAKE MARYN'S HAT??????????????????

Lisa said...

How adorable. The tea party sounds like fun! :)

Carol said...

Snow days are so much fun for the girls. Not so much for Chris. I love the pictures