Friday, January 11, 2008

Lucy is 5 months old today!

Happy 5 month birthday, little Lucy! I can't believe how quickly these 5 months have gone. The first few were all about adjusting to life with a toddler and a new baby: learning how to juggle two nap schedules, meals, Lucy's feedings, house cleaning (wait, I still don't have that one down!) and all of the other things I took for granted when we were a just a family of three. There's still very little routine to our day and more often than not a whole list of things left undone, but we are having fun being a family of four and can no longer remember life before Lucy came along.

One of my favorite things has been watching Maryn interact with her sister. She adopts the same sing-song "baby talk" voice we must use when talking to Lucy, cooing "it's ok, Luce" and "there you go, Lucy-goosey." And the funniest was during reading time yesterday as Lucy began to fuss a little and Maryn said "she's an angry elf." Chris and I will occasionally make this remark amongst ourselves but this was my first time hearing Maryn repeat it. So much funnier coming from a two year old!

Lucy likes to talk with most of her noises sounding like Aaaa Aaaa but with different intonations. There's a questioning phrase, an excited phrase, and an "i'm unsure about this" sounding one, too. She LOVES to be read to and enjoys looking at the pictures in any book or magazine. Her favorite toy so far is a colorful foam cube with a picture of a panda on one side. She'll smile and coo at it for minutes at a time. She still likes being carried in her sling and enjoys being out and about and watching big sister Maryn play.

Here is a picture of the girls after reading time in our bed:

I hope they will always like each other this much!


Carol said...

What a wonderful way to let us all know how sweet Lucy is. This is as good a doing a baby book. What a sweatheart!
Grandma Carol