Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She's out of surgery!

Praise God! We still haven't seen her, but the surgeons just came out to tell us how it went and I am convinced God had a hand in it.

As I mentioned before, because of the amount of narrowing in her Pulmonary artery they were expecting to have to place a patch that would hold it open but would cause leakage that would require valve replacement down the road. It turns out that once they cut away the muscle that had built up underneath they found the valve to be larger than they thought and they were able to place the patch in such a way that the valve could continue to function. This is a much better scenario and means she should hopefully have a better chance to avoid another surgery in the future.

They also told us that her heart has returned to a normal rhythm which means she won't need a pacemaker. This was a risk with her surgery and one I was kind of worried about.

She will remain in the ICU for two or three days because of the amount of muscle they had to cut away. It will take her heart a little while to adjust to the new layout :) They all seemed very pleased and surprised at the favorable outcome. It seems that the muscle was VERY thick and they can't believe she made it this long without more serious symptoms.

We are so relieved the surgery is over and KNOW that the outcome is a direct result of all the prayers being said on Lucy's behalf. Thank you, God, for protecting little Lucy! And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for joining with us in prayer for her.


josephjen said...

Praise God...so thankful it went well Jes :) Can't wait to hear more, thanks for the great updates too, it helps with knowing how to pray. So thankful!!

brittany said...

I'm so glad to hear that it went well! We'll pray for a speedy and uneventful recovery and for rest for you and Chris.

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

I am rejoicing with you guys!

Julie & Carl said...

We recently heard about Lucy and are so happy she's doing better. I'm sure it's been a hard journey for you and Chris but we're so thankful that she'll be okay. Our thoughts are prayers are with you. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessi, I'm so glad she's doing well. It is hard to see them with all the tubes and wires, but how exciting it is when the begin to come off. :) Really wish we were up there with you guys (mutual support and all that) but know we've got you in our prayers.