Sunday, January 27, 2008

We're home...for now

Hooray! We're home!

Lucy has been doing so well on her new medication that they sent us home until the day of her surgery. We're still on the schedule for Tuesday afternoon, but there is a good chance we might be bumped to Wednesday if another, more critical patient needs surgery on Tuesday. She has not had any more spells and her heart rate, blood oxygen and blood count are all holding steady. You'd never have known she was sick from the way she acted in the ICU over the last two days. She was cooing and smiling and charming everyone who came by. I think she must be feeling better already because I have never seen her so animated.

It seems as though God has answered the prayers you all have been saying on our behalf. We never would have imagined that we would be able to return home at some point before her surgery and I think it will make a big difference in our ability to cope with the days to come. We will be better rested and have a chance to pack up what we will need for the week or more in the hospital following the surgery.

Chris and I feel a remarkable peace and assurance that all is well and that God will guide the hands of the surgeons to repair Lucy's heart. I have been able to let go of the guilt I felt about not recognizing the severity of her condition. Thank you for your prayers about that. It really does seem to be God's timing and Lucy seems no worse for not having had medical care during this last month. We are really looking forward to having her be well and to seeing how her personality develops when she is no longer feeling so weak and tired.

Our prayer requests during the next days are for continued health and strength for Lucy, that she would enter surgery well rested and in the best condition possible. As far as the surgery itself, please pray specifically that the doctors might be able to repair her artery in such a way that it would not require further surgery down the road. Because of the severe narrowing in three key places they feel the probable fix will be a patch that will hold it open allowing the blood to flow through to the lungs. Unfortunately, this causes some leaking of the blood back into the heart which eventually will need to be repaired when Lucy is in her teens. If they are able to open the artery by another method this second surgery would probably not be necessary. Pray that there are no complications from the anesthesia and that her little heart and bones and skin heal quickly.

Please also pray for Maryn, that she would not be frightened and that she will adapt well to the lack of routine over the next weeks. She was able to come to the hospital today to see Lucy. She seemed to make herself right at home after the initial shyness wore off. Maryn and Lucy seemed really happy to see each other and Lucy would not take her eyes off of her sister as we showed Maryn what all of the wires and monitors were for.

I will update this again when we know exactly when the surgery will be so you can join us in prayer for her during the five or six hours she will be in there.

Thank you for all of your great comments, e-mails, phone calls and visits. They have been so comforting during these last few days and we love hearing from you. We have especially appreciated hearing the stories of people who have been through similar surgeries and are now fully recovered. We are totally confident Lucy will have a similar story to share soon :)

Love you all!


Katers said...

Wow...lots is happening moment to moment. I can honestly say that I can't take my mind off you all & that we are praying for God to act on your behalf.

Isaiah 64:4. Since ancient times no one has heard,
no ear has perceived,
no eye has seen any God besides you,
who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.

Much love,

Debbie Ballanti said...

Dear Chris, Jess, Maryn and Lucy (the brave), We are so sorry to hear about your ordeal but so glad to hear that you were able to return home to a familiar and, hopefully, restful environment. Please know that we love you all and are thinking of you. Give Lucy and Maryn big hugs for us.
xox Aunt Debbie, Uncle Stovo, Rachel and Adam