Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CA - Part 2

I better finish this post about our trip before I start forgetting all the details!

Sunday was a great day spent visiting with Carol and DB's friends Paula and Chet and Chris' uncle Steve and aunt Debbie. We had a great lunch and the kids really loved hanging out with everyone.

The girls with aunt Debbie and uncle Steve

We decided to go down to the boat again that afternoon and had a relaxing time sipping wine and catching up some more. Once again, I could really get used to having a boat!

The Ballanti boys on the boat

Monday's adventure was visiting the Little Farm at Tilden Park. Tilden is a great park about 10 minutes from Carol and DB's house. They have a mini steam train and carousel, too, but those were closed during the week. The farm was more than enough fun for one day, though! Maryn got to feed a cow and Lucy got to see a real goose! There were also goats, sheep, chickens, a pig and some rabbits to keep us busy.

Windmill at the Little Farm

Maryn feeding a cow

Maryn's new best friend

Lucy having fun

Lucy was really into watching the animals

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to hang out with Chris' sister Laurel. I wish she lived closer so we could spend more time together! The kids love her, too.

I got to hang out with some of her friends for Cinco de Mayo on Monday night.

Really blurry mariachi

And some other pictures from the trip:

Ballanti family photo

Maryn loves to cook with Grandma!

Lucy had fun with the mirror

Bath time in Grandma's big sink!


.k.h. said...

Love all your new pics, Jess!!!! They are AWESOME!!!

Carol said...

I'm ready for you to come back for another visit. Wasn't that fun!