Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lucy crawls!

Well, it's more accurately described as an army/inch-worm belly scoot/wiggle, but she can get from one place to another pretty well while doing it. She's been working toward this for a while, going from scooting backward to doing a swan dive face first in the carpet while tucking her knees and sticking her butt in the air. She can get up on all fours in a typical crawling position but doesn't quite know how to push off from her feet to propel herself forward. The one thing she has down is that she's GREAT at pulling with her arms. She's going to have some major arm muscles pretty soon :) Anyway, it's a huge milestone that I hope will make her happier as she's been a little cranky for the past couple of days.

Here are some pictures of Lucy "exploring" the area under her bouncer: :

Getting ready to go

This thing looks different from down here

mmm, tastes good

But this cracker is even better
(the ADORABLE green jumper was handmade by Kim's mom - I wish a had a picture of the front...I'll have to take some more when the weather is nice. I think this will be a favorite outfit this summer!)

Here are some from outside later that day:

And Maryn has been camera-shy lately (she won't even let me bribe her for pictures anymore!) but here are a couple of her in art-mode.

You can see she's still not too happy about me taking her picture


Doug and Kathy said...

Jess and Chris. Wonderful pictures. Dang, I can't wait to get up there. The kids are kinda cute, but I really want some of those biscuits!! The jam in the background almost makes me want to put away our tri-tip and have breakfast for dinner tonight. ALMOST. Followed by our traditional Memorial Day baby back pork ribs tomorrow, we may not have breakfast again until we get up there, or on Tuesday, which ever comes first. We love you guys, and hope to see you soon.

Papa Doug

Carol said...

I can't believe that I talked to Chris today and he didn't tell me about Lucy's latest belly crawl. What an accomplishment! Go Lucy! Nice pictures too.

.k.h. said...

WOW JESS - you are totally ROCKIN' your camera! Don't you LOVE that lens??? These are fantastic!! Great job! And CUTE kids too! Love them!

Katers said...

yeah!!!! look at those amazing pictures. you are pretty talented! happy belated birthday to your hubby.

Drew & Erica said...

Jess, I have to tell you that I am hooked on the 'Farm Fare Girl' and some of her foodie/farm-type links. You know my family thinks I'm nuts for wanting to raise chickens and do farming. Andrew says that the Farm Girl is just like my alter-ego :)

jaz said...

I seriously LOVE these pics! NICE WORK!!!
Jamie :0)

Ashley Harris said...

Awesome pictures :0) I remember when my brother colored all over my face... I thought it was SO cool :0)HA!