Friday, September 12, 2008

Lucy's party

Ok, this post is a bit out of order - we're going on a month now since Lucy's birthday party. But better late than never, right?!

Grandma Carol flew up on Lucy's birthday (which fell on a Monday) and stayed through the weekend for Lucy's party. We really appreciated her help as I had lots of ideas for party decorations but am a serious procrastinator. So there was plenty of work to do! Grandpa DB and Aunt Laurel flew up on Thursday night and were also here through the weekend. We had so much fun working, playing and partying - first birthday style!

And a HUGE thank you to my friend Kim for letting us overrun her house and backyard. She even set up a canopy and cool pirate kiddie pool in preparation for the summer heat. I could have stayed all day - lucky for her the kids got tired :)

Birthday cupcakes and a special cake just for the birthday girl.

Our take on edible arrangements. They were surprisingly easy (and fun!) to put together.

Pull-string pinata

Kim's daughter, sweet B

Fireman C

A quiet moment with Grandpa

Playing in the pool with Laurel

Lucy was a little timid with the cake. She only ate a few bites before calling it quits.

But these two had no problem digging in!

What a lovely day spent with dear friends and family. Thanks for celebrating Lucy's first year with us!


.k.h. said...

YAY! I'm so proud of you for posting!!!! Your pictures are TOTALLY beautiful, Jess! Nice work!

mclegg17 said...

Yeah... great pictures Jess!!!

AsH* said...

Lovely! Better late than never is right!! Love seeing all those photo momma kids ;0)