Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cannon Beach

First off, thank you all for your comments on Maryn's difficult time at ballet. It means so much to be surrounded by supportive family and friends...this parenting thing is too difficult and too important to do alone!

After a good night's rest Maryn was back to her perky self and we were ready for a little spur-of-the-moment adventure. Grandma Kathy's work day ended sooner than anticipated so we decided to make an afternoon trip to the beach. It was overcast as we left and we drove with no expectations for what the weather would be like when we got there. My kids love being outdoors and would be happy to play in the freezing cold so long as they could be outside, so I knew they'd have a great time no matter what the weather held.

All our concerns were for naught when it turned out to be the perfect beach day! Sometimes being impulsive pays off! The fog lifted soon after we arrived and the kids played happily without sweatshirts in the cool ocean breeze. We stopped for ice cream on our way home - the perfect way to cap off a beautiful afternoon at the beach! I hope we can get at least one more beach day in before winter hits full-force.

I LOVE this picture my mom took of me and the girls...especially Maryn's cheesy smile and Lucy's impatient face :)

I deliberatly dressed the girls in matching outfits hoping to get some cute shots of the two of them...they were far more interested in the sand than my camera.
Proof that no matter how much I argue to the contrary, I most definitely throw like a girl :)


Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

Like usual, such great photos! How far are you from Canon Beach? I remember going by there on our road trip after we were married.

Katherine said...

Wow, such great photography! And I can't get over that big huge rock in the ocean. The Oregon coast is breathtaking!

meg said...

Jess great pictures! I love the girls in there matching shirts it made me smile!

Bonnie said...

Jess, I LOVE those pictures, esp that cute filmstrip format one you did! You have such beautiful girls, so full of personality. You're such an awesome mom to intentionally get your kids out in nature to experience their environment...that's just so awesome and something so many kids are lacking these days. Kudos for beautiful pictures and for being such an awesome mom...who cares if you throw like a girl, being one, I think you're allowed =)

Drew & Erica said...

Jess -

Ok, 3 things: 1) what is that island out in the water - strange formation 2) the pics of you and the girls with their matching shirts is just priceless - definitiely an 'on the mantle' pic, and 3)yes, alas, you do throw like a girl...but most of us do!

Hey, I just got Photoshop elements. When you get a free moment some evening or weekend, will you call me and share some tips?



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Doug and Kathy said...

That was one of my BEST DAYS EVER!!!
Thanks for the spontinaiety :)
Love & Hugs,