Friday, September 19, 2008

Maryn takes Ballet

This week has marked the start of "school" for us. Although Maryn is not yet in pre-school. We had our first CBS (Community Bible Study) class on Wednesday. We are studying 1st and 2nd Corinthians this year and I am really looking forward to it. Maryn is in the young 3's class, or the "green" class. They really do a great job of providing a structured class for the little ones and Maryn learned a lot last year despite our many absences for Lucy's recovery. I hope we can be more consistent with our attendance and work on the Bible stories and memory verses more this year.

In addition to CBS and weekly trips to storytime at the library Maryn will be taking ballet this Fall. She had her first class yesterday. When I asked her what classes or activities she wanted to do this year "ballet" and "art" were the ones she kept repeating. So I signed her up for a class through parks and rec. She has been in love with ballet ever since watching the ballerinas at OBT exposed a few weeks ago and has been wearing her tutu regularly while toting her ballerina doll wherever she goes.

Nerves got the better of her when we actually arrived at the class and while she participated for the first part, the second the teacher tried to interact with her she went running to grandma's lap and remained there for the rest of the class.
I often have a hard time knowing how to deal with this aspect of Maryn's personality - the shy, reserved side where she refuses to interact with anyone new and slinks to my side unwilling to participate. Part of me wants to push her out there, mostly out of embarassment or self-consciousness that my kid is the poorly-adjusted one. But I'm realizing more and more that it's just part of who she is and if I force her agianst her will she'll just be more unwilling to try the next time. I think it will be better next week when parents are not allowed to stay in the room and she'll feel less "watched." It also helps that there were two other girls with the same personality type. I wish I had captured the scene when the teacher had all of the girls fall down and only Maryn and her two shy buddies were standing . I can see them becoming fast friends as the class goes on - if they can overcome their shyness long enough to talk to each other :)

I love how you can tell she's studying the other girls.

Lucy loved watching the girls dance. She wanted so badly to go join them!

A tired ballerina


Katers said...

i want to give that sweet ballerina a hug & a kiss!

.k.h. said...


Carol said...

I do recall Maryn's daddy being very shy. Yet, he managed to grow up and become a very nice guy. Maryn will grow up and become a beautiful ballerina. Great Pictures!

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

These photos are SO cute! I can't believe how big Maryn is... and I love reading your blog and hearing about your thoughts on parenting. And your photos are always amazing.

meg said...

Great pictures Jess! your little ones are so sweet. thanks for sharing your thoughts so honestly. we've been there too. I always wonder what they are thinking about as they take it all in and watch everyone else. I look forward to seeing more cute tutu pictures.

Doug and Kathy said...

We're am SO GLAD to be able to share this part of Maryn and Lucy's life along with you! It makes my heart happy :)
Oregon is Home!

melissa said...

Jess these are beautiful. I love little ballerina's. If you are looking for an art class. Talk to Angel. Her kids went to a really cool one when Anthony was little. I think it was the portand Park and Rec. Anways Ammy will be excited that Maryn's a ballerina. I hope she has tons of fun.

Drew & Erica said...

I have no doubt that you will have a lot of wisdom in guiding her through the shy-ness of her little personality. If nothing else, she looked super cute in the polka-dot tights :)