Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lucy Walks! And Dances!

Here are some videos of Lucy - the one of her walking was taken today. She took her first steps last week and seems to be getting the hang of it:

This one of her dancing is from a month or so ago. I'm so glad I got this when I did because she hasn't done this dance since. I love it! We were at my parent's house watching a Brian Doerksen (worship music) video. It really looks like she's worshiping with her hand in the air:

And this picture was taken in May or June but I just came across it in my archives and thought it was so funny - as all parents learn: When silence falls, trouble is never far behind!

I hope everyone has a great week!


Bonnie said...

How fun! Lucy has got some groovy moves there and that's cute how Maryn popped in there and then ran away.

.k.h. said...

So stinkin' cute! Go Lucy!!! I love your girls, Jess!!!

steph cowell said...

way to go LuLu! I'm so glad you're posting this! More and more I'm convinced that Maryn is Jenny and LuLu is me... the last picture proves this.

meg said...

your girls always make me smile! This just adds to how adorable I think they are!

Katers said...

what a riot!!!!!!!!! go, lucy! you're a really good dancer. you & steven can get together next weekend to show off your stuff:).